Rising like a tide!!!!!!!

I’ll rise after my fall!!!

Things have gone wrong,

Life’s become hell,

What should I say,

There’s so much to tell.

The old life,

With friends gone away,

That’s the reason perhaps,

I’m walking the wrong way.

No one to really talk to,

Some don’t listen to me anymore,

And the remaining who do,

Are such a terrible bore.

The fun we used to have,

Seems a thing of the past,

Studies have become tougher,

Life’s pace is so fast.

False rumours about me,

Prevent me from making friends

How much ever I try,

I reach a dead end.

I hate being ignored,

I hate being a castaway,

But there’s nothing I feel I can do,

Life’s some time this way.

I earlier made some friends

Who I thought were the height of cool,

But as they came closer to me,

I knew I was a fool

They got me into bad habits.

They taught me to smoke and drink,

And now I feel stuck,

Away from these temptations,I cant shrink.

Oh! What happened & why?

Things, again went the wrong way,

I wronged myself because,

Distractions swayed me away.

I wont give up,

I wont give in,I’ve got miles yet to go,

I wont let my future get disturbed,

By things that happened ago.

I beg myself for forgiveness,

I’ll repeat these things never

,But now I feel changed,

Cause I’ve changed………forever.

I know I’m gonna win,

I gonna defeat them all,

Because just like a tide,I’ll rise after my fall!!!!!!!!!






wat my grandma…my sweet ajji told me……..

Fear not the unknow, for it is where your greatness resides……..

If u want 2 make god laugh,tell him of plans

at last at the last hour of our life…..we regret not for the risks we take but for the risks which we dont take….

Ggood judgement comes from experience…..
Experience comes from mistakes….
however,mistakes come from bad judgement……
so make mistakes..only den u will learn…….


ma favourite lines…..!

It’s not too late….the angel said.

Even though the world’s a mess….

Even though u have made mistakes…

and have been afraid.

It’s not too late………

And then then, I saw the world through the angel’s eyes……..

I saw the colours I could paint….

The bridges i could build…..

The lives i could touch…..

And it become very clear to me…..

That it’s not too late….