Lust is easy. Love is hard
Like is most important.
-Carl Reiner.

Well said… Isn’t it? But how do we know if we really like someone? There are two ways: Marry and like each other[Anyways, there is no other 🙂 -“saat janmo ka bandhan hai na…”]. and even if you don’t agree…going for a divorce would not be a better option taking in consideration its implications!

Second option- This might draw ‘whoosh, haasss, and hais’s from the conservatives. The other way is not an express highway, but this contour may be full of surprises provided we are ready for them.
Yes- I’m talking about the most controversial subject [atleast in India] of ‘LIR’-Live-in-Relationships. But what is live-in-relationship? Live-in-relationship simply mean ‘cohabitation’ before marriage. The braver people might end up in ‘saat pheras.’ Though it is a relatively newer concept, it can have its own advantages. Ladies pay special attention 🙂 :

· You don’t have to be the guide to the in-laws, visiting your city for the first time.
· You don’t have to visit your in-laws just because you are in town and needn’t really be bothered about taking an ear-full from your partner.
· You can leave your partner 10 times without any hassles of court or money.
· You don’t have to rear your sister-in-law’s kids, when they have happily gone hopping.
· You don’t have to take sides in any argument between your partner and parents.
· Men, Can’t just discover how women gracefully exit from doing dirty work by branding it macho and make a man do it willingly J. The catch over here is that in marriages, husbands know that come what may you wont leave them.[How mean! L]. But in live- ins your partner would stretch his limits to make you hold on to him. Hence you my also end up knowing that your partner knows the difference between pink, fuchsia and magenta.

· Also, you won’t have to wait to pick up the tabs every now and then because of his ‘impress-her’ agenda. He is sure to spend the big bucks!

But as they say, Every coin two sides-you may have to put up with your partner wearing ‘pink’-yeeks!!! He watching- cartoon network, snoring in the bed, opening a towel showroom in your room et al.and do nothing about it. I guess its ok..! Isn’t it? Kyunki pyar toh pyar hai!
I wonder if is it the right way to express your love or rather declare that you are in love!’
Anyways, Live-in-relationship or marriage-the greatest tragedy of human life is that sometimes you have to get to know someone really well to realize we’re really strangers!


one stone is enough to break a glass one sentence is enough to break a heart one second is enough to fall in love…….just one second…….is what it takes to bend or mend our lives….


Something i can’t define….

Something I can’t define….

One day I had a dream, I can’t define…….
I dreamt, I was walking long the beach,across the sky,
Flashed the scenes of my life…….
For each scene I noticed the people who meant everything in my ‘hive’
Some people said ‘Don’t laugh or you risk to appear a fool’
And I stopped laughing.
Then there were others who said…
“Living is to risk dying”
And yes I died.
Somewhere there were cries….
“Don’t hope or you’ll despair.”
“Don’t try or you’ll fail.”
Born as an original,
I waned away as a copy….
Chained by my attitude, I forfeited myself……
In my desperateness to be
Something ‘different’,
I became something-
I can’t define!


Chak De…….-From failure to Success!

Chak De…….

– From failure to Success!

‘Sometimes winning is everything!’ This is the mantra upheld by the new rage at the box office.
‘Chak De ! India’. Right from the childhood, grandmothers tell their grandchildren the stories of success. Later on these kids instill the same values in the minds of their children. The same story continues. We are taught glories of successes, values of hard work, dedication, devotion, perseverance, but we are not given the spirit of failure. Chak De begged to differ and so should we.

All our lives, we measure our successes. But what about our failures and the process of transition from failure to success. I personally believe one failure is equivalent to hundred successes because what hundred successes fail to inculcate in us is resurrected by one failure. Our lives should not be judged by the successes but by the failures we face and then, how the journey is carried by from failure to scale the heights of success.

Taking inspiration from Chak de’s Kabir Khan what has to be learnt is the strength to fight ourselves. After a terrible loss at the hands of Pakistan’s hockey team in the finals, Kabir is labeled a traitor. He doesn’t fight to prove that he isn’t a traitor. After seven years of ‘Self-exile’, he returns to prove his mettle through coaching women’s hockey team. People bite him, still he keeps quiet. After a period of hard work, the team wins. This is the time, when Kabir can shot back at people who tormented him at his failure… But he doesn’t. He skips the opportunity. Even, then his point is proven. His silence wins him his life of dignity, respect and esteem.

Another reel-life character coming to real-life is Saurav Ganguly. While his critics literally killed him for his bad performance, he chose to keep quite. After he raised his performances, when the same critics stepped in shoes of praises for him, he still remained mum. There was no way, he was going to talk. His hard work had done the talking.

This is it! This was it! What Rudyard Kipling, was talking about when he said, “You can win, if you treat success and failure – the two impostors just the same.” We need not boast about our work, if we possess it. ‘Time’ alone will prove it. When we succeed our work speaks for us. However when we fail, let us not speak. Let our silence talk about our character and success.
People might consider ‘silence’ as our loss; but let us not forget that it is our strength. What is the point of talking about all this? It is, to outgrow the need of both fame and disdain.

Failure and success, with its fears should not jail our thoughts and actions; if we believe what we are doing is right.

We must remember not to fear failure, because these moments which we fear are the ones which introduce us to our greatest strengths. Success doesn’t tell what is misery, how it is to be miserable, it doesn’t tell us who are our ‘real friends’. But adversity and rejection do. It is in our failure that we know our friends and enemies, the worthiness of things we had. It is our failure that teaches us how fortunate we are than the others are aren’t.

Failure tells us what we can do. Failure introduces us to our consciousness. Failure makes ‘us’ worthy of ourselves. Failure asks us not be at the mercy of world opinion. Failure tells us what the real strength is.

Failures teach everybody, small and big, rich and poor, smart and dumb. It will teach you as it is teaching me.

Failure taught me that courage always doesn’t roar. Sometimes it keeps quiet and silently whispers, “I will do better next time”. It taught me that everything happens for a reason. Good, if people left me in my adversity, Now, I know people who care. I know people’s opinion don’t make me. I know my strength comes from within because my failures introduced me to ‘real-me’. My failures force me to ask questions not to others, but to myself. Failures gave me strength to stand on my feet. I t forced me to rely on myself, when others left me. I couldn’t find anyone to support me, understand me, but the voice in my heart which said – “You can do it!”

I understood myself, I understood thee: O Lord! Now I know, it was your plan. Now I know, I would succeed, because I had failed.