It’s time I blog again!

Hmmm… So it has been quite a long time that I blogged, and pour all the crap from my head. On thing that did not change is the stupid computer of mine which doesn’t bother to fasten up its speed. Doesn’t care that I might move to a faster version of it.

Anyways… coming to where I had left from. It has been around more that a year or oh wait… two years that I really cared to blog! Oh wait man! I have been busy πŸ™‚ Really Busy!

Busy with what? Oh let me tell you busy with cascading changes and well… self transformation!

Back when I blogged for the last time, I was still that kid with aspirations to become an Adult! Oh wait, Now I realize I must have been foolish to even think of becoming one!

Well.. well, now that the sails of my life have changed, I am an adult, is something I have accepted. With my I shall do it with no frills attached attitude, I have completed a year at one of the best multi-national PR agencies in the world! (We have just been recongised as the Best Tech PR agency. Hurray πŸ™‚ )

Yeah, so I was saying, I have completed one year as a PR consultant and boy… I still feel the same rage, when I had joined my office. I need to get things done, someone’s image is in my hands..

Well, the last one year in the PR industry has taught me many lessons, making sure that I deliver all the time. Accepted that there have been loads of challenges ( sometimes little overwhelming) But it also taught me that no matter what….

“THE SHOW MUST GO ON….” and it did!

Let me reminisce for a while and share with you my tryst with the destiny!

  1. No matter what you are going through, you have to wake up and go to office everyday! Sigh….
  2. It doesn’t matter, if you have better ideas, the client is always right! (You just have to say this, let things unfold, let the client have his own taste of medicine, and then with “awww, I am with you” look in your eyes, quietly laugh in your mind ” Idiot, didn’t I tell you, this will NOT WORK ” πŸ™‚
  3. Whatever, you do, someone will have the reason to be unhappy with you! Dude this is the biggest learning-YOU CAN NEVER MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY IN THIS LIFE
  4. In every team you work, there will be one bosses’ pet. And duh!- IT WILL NEVER BE YOU!

Well though, the above statements might sound a little pessimistic, I am surely not complaining, because, though I went through these, I definitely had some crazy and special moments.

I also learned how to:

1. contact the media and maintain a relationship with them
2. write an effective press release with little grammar mistakes and a catching lead
3. work with a team to execute a cohesive plan or idea
4. work for a client
5. present and assemble a pitch
6. maintain social media sites
7. publicize events
8. network
9. lead, plan, execute & evaluate a public relations campaign

And last but not the least…… “There is still so much to learn”

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