Quarter Life Crisis: This is what they call it…..!

“Hmmm….. Crisis…. Today’s generation is a crap… all things they can’t stand up to are called crisis!” yells my mother at her full volume… Irritatingly, I retreat into my cocoon, to assess, if what she says is truth!

The more I think, about it, the more discontent, I feel. What is this? Why do I feel on fire all the time…? What is that makes me feel something is missing. I work in a beautiful organization, with some wonderful colleagues, have some beautiful friends, have a great track record of getting things, have cool siblings, and a nice family… Still there is something that unnerves me, makes me restless and feel like a Kung Fu Panda( My new found love 🙂

Sigh, that doesn’t make me feel better! There is something, some feeling of not knowing it enough, not doing enough and most importantly, not understanding it enough… The CEO who does not have any title, the monk who sold his Ferrari and the Alchemist will tell me, that this is just the beginning…. and this too shall pass…. but it does not suffice…

What is that makes me a rebellion… why am I so discontent… Perhaps… “I do not live in the present”, pat will come the reply from some of my friends who act as the salvation-attained buddhas… THAT IRRITATES ME TO THE CORE

What do they know about me, what do we know about each other, why are we here?? What do we want?

Will money, good food, shelter, fame suffice me? NO is the answer… Then what is it? what do I want?

No replies. Sigh… this storm will drain all the energy or may be not… May be I will find my calling….



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