It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going…!

Typing in from the office workstation can look quite threatening! But really… I just have to blog this post.. no matter what…

Once, someone who I look upto, remarked – “Tell me- who cares?” Right- the question is WHO CARES?
I have been trying to find a solution to this questions. Sometimes, I wonder, what is that makes us so careless and reckless, pushing us to the limit, where we stop caring.. is there any such limit where we can stop caring?
If nobody cares, then when things go wrong, why is that everyone is so bothered? Perhaps this is what they call the double dholkis! Excuse me, for the insane use of the language that understandably no one can understand!
Wait.. why should I ask you? This is my blog! Right? Eh, but again then who cares. Let us use our freedom of speech… or freedom of speaking rubbish!
I do not know what I am typing. I just have to type something and just blurt it out.
I am tired of doing wrong things at the wrong time with the wrong people….
I just wanted to ask one question- Is there one right person out there?
Who would just take words at face-value or rather some times just keep quiet and understand that words out of mouth are not words out of heart?
Well, I do not know. I might be wrong in judging others so harshly. But at the end of the tunnel, only one thing matter…
“It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going…!
And if the going gets tough, you probably have a friend, a companion, a listener and sometimes a stalker behind you…
Because at the end of the day…. it is something I can’t define!
One day I had a dream, I can’t define…….
I dreamt, I was walking long the beach,across the sky,
Flashed the scenes of my life…….
For each scene I noticed the people who meant everything in my ‘hive’
Some people said ‘Don’t laugh or you risk to appear a fool’
And I stopped laughing.
Then there were others who said…
“Living is to risk dying”
And yes I died.
Somewhere there were cries….
“Don’t hope or you’ll despair.”
“Don’t try or you’ll fail.”
Born as an original,
I waned away as a copy….
Chained by my attitude, I forfeited myself……
In my desperateness to be
Something ‘different’,
I became something-
I can’t define!

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