What are some well timed photos?

Some awesome photographs in the world.  Pictures says a 1000 words agree now @Srinistuff ?

Answer by Phạm Nguyễn Anh Khoa:

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How do you capitalize on press attention in your field?

Answer by Deepika Gumaste:

"Rome was not built in a day." Yes, first and foremost we need to understand that reputation can likewise can't be a built in a day. All these celebrities and stars, you see in newspapers and TV haven't made it big in one day. If you want to be the attention of your audience, do it consistently and over a period of time.

Be present on all the social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn. First observe what the world is saying. Merely tweeting or re-tweeting will not earn you brownie points.  Understand and respond to tweets/posts that interests you. Be polite and express your opinion. Share content that might interest you. Blog about your industry. However, you could make it personal blog too. Comment on recent happenings around you. Don't start tweeting like a maniac.

Also, help wherever you can help people. If someone is asking for a contact, article link,source be informative and provide insights. Also, you can't befriend them in a night's time. Take your time and do it with consistency.

Good luck on your way to become a star 🙂

Sharing an interesting info graphic on networking of any kind.

25 quotes about the power of social networking (prdaily.com)

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What state in India does what best?

Answer by Balaji Viswanathan:

  1. Kerala is best for Ayurveda, anything to do with Coconuts, backwaters, great transportation and highest human development indicators and their mixed culture(Hindu, Muslim and Christian religions share their culture equally) .
  2. Tamilnadu is best for strong focus on schooling, Carnatic music, Bharatanatyam, quaint traditions, automobile factories, ease of doing business, dosas, Nilgiris tea and most importantly the temples.
  3. Andra Pradesh is known for its massive rivers, rice production, mangoes, Tirupathi, big human resource and the art of Kuchipudi, language too(Italian of the east, most of the carnatic music written in telugu).
  4. Karnataka is best for its splendid architecture, untouched beauty of the forests, nature safaris, technology, Mysore culture (best for food). It is the best for for carnatic music and literature(Till now 8 jgnanpeeth awards).
  5. Maharashtra is best for its strong Hindu roots, colleges, cotton & sugarcane, financial center, industries, Bollywood, massive decorated caves in Ajantha/Ellora. It is among India's richest states.
  6. Goa is great for its beaches, feni and laid back culture.
  7. Gujarat is great for its business friendliness, iconic leaders – Gandi, Patel & Jinnah, big industrial infrastructure, scrappy entrepreneurs and delicious thali
  8. Rajasthan is great for its palaces, tiger reserves, Jain culture, chillies, weaving and marbles.
  9. Punjab is known for its food production, great rivers, dhabas, gurudwaras, Bangra dance,
  10. Haryana is known for its dairy production, automobile factories & refineries.
  11. Himachal is known for its snow-clad peaks, fruits, pashmina shawl. Himachal is where British Raj relaxed.
  12. Jammu & Kashmir is India's Switzerland – a paradise of mountains, valleys, rivers and caves. J&K is best for its Sapphire, apples, cricket bats, wool, saffron, house boats, pilgrimage (Amarnath & Vaishnodevi)
  13. Delhi is best known for its historic architecture and the magnificience of the Rashtrapati Bhavan. It is a very open culture, albeit a very flanty one.
  14. Uttarkhand is known for its Hindu religious pilgrimages.
  15. Uttar Pradesh has been the heart of Indian politics for ever 5 centuries. Famous for Taj Mahal, Kashi pilgrimage, leather goods, Corbett national park etc.
  16. Madhya Pradesh is best known for Khajuraho and ancient history (including Ujjain, Sanchi and Mandu)
  17. Chattisgarh is known for heavy industries (such as Bhilai steel plant) and Chitrakoot Falls (wikipedia.org) – India's Niagara.
  18. Bihar is known for its historic sites, metal industries, mines, fruits.
  19. Orissa for its dance forms, temples and Mahanadi river.
  20. West Bengal is known for intellectuals(2 Nobel prizes from WB), sweets and Kolkata Kali Maata.

(Incomplete list. Will add the rest when I get time)

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My new found love- I call it the ‘G-love’

My new found love:

Let me start and be honest. I am a brat. A complete spoilt brat.  I am the eldest daughter in my family and being the ‘first kid’ of the family, I always have behaved like I am the queen of the world and the world is at  my disposal. I have been pampered a lot and to an extent I have also behaved like a bully and taken  advantage of the love showered on me. I say that, because I never do any work. It is always mum, dad or my brother Aditya, who do work. Any work, be it for the family or me.

I have never done any work, honestly. Whatever little I used to do was because someone asked me. Otherwise, I have never done anything.

But as they say- the only constant in life is change.  There came a day I decided to move out of my house. Not because I was bored or rebelled. Not even because I was bored of my family or people around me or so.  But most of it, I was ‘scared’ and I had decided to do away with all my fears. Perhaps I was also bored of the status quo. Of the routine life. And in general, life. I thought I was not getting enough experiences. I was not being inspired. I was not being hurt enough, so that I could learn and shape into  a better human being.

In short, I was not living, I was just living.  Frankly speaking, as I write this post, I am still scared that something untoward will happen. But I guess, that makes the ‘living’ more interesting.

On another note, I don’t exactly remember the date, when I started thinking of moving out. But I remember the date, when I exactly moved to Bandra. Yes, I used to stay in this place called in Navi-Mumbai- Kharghar. And now I am a Bandroid girl 🙂

Sandra chali Bandra… Na… Dips chali Bandra types 😉

Cut to the point, yeah so in coming years, I know that I am going to revere September 03, 2012 in a way no other day would hold importance.

Good or bad, whatever, it is this day will mark of whatever I become. Whatever I will be.

So coming back to my love- I found my love just a week after September 03, 2012. I guess must be September 10, 2012.  I was at home. Alone. My roommate had yet not come. She was working late.

I was hungry and I was bored. Plain bored. To get rid of boredom, I decided to move out of the house and chill.

I went downstairs and right out of my society, I met my new found love. The love that always sat there, but I never really bothered to look at. A love that always existed in my life, but I hardly bothered to look at it and touch it. All my life, I had left the love of my life to my dad.

What is the suspense. Who is the new found love of my life??

Let me just finish the suspense. See below 🙂

Yes! This packet is my love. I met grocery shops that day.  Previously, I used to meet them may be on a yearly basis. However, since the time I have moved I have fallen in love with groceries. I make it a point to go and buy groceries  every second day. When I am not buying it, I just walk up downstairs and look at it.

I walk the path and look- there are vegetables all around- Small, big, leafy, some with roots, green, blue, yellow, red, silver, purple, orange and all sorts of them. Then there are fruits, there are soap items, there are beverages, food items of any and every taste.

I don’t know what has gotten into it. A work which I thought is so mundane, has suddenly become so interesting.

Yes, I am in love. I am in love with buying groceries.

I can’t exactly finger point it out why. I become angry, if my room mate suggests that she would go shopping. I sulk actually. And I think she knows it 😉

So she stays away from it as much as possible. Yay! Hurray! 🙂 \m/

Anyway, I don’t know if it is a sense of freedom – that “I can chose what I want to eat” or a sense of responsibility- “I have to take care of myself, now that mommy daddy are not there, or a sense of being human- “There is only my room mate for me now and I have to take care of her also.” 🙂

I don’t know what it is- But I am loving it. And I am going to love my grocery routine for a long time to come now……

A reason to live- The G-love……

Disclaimer: I don’t know, If I will love this for all my life, but as of now I am doing it and loving it too..


And then the chapter will end…

Everyone has a end. You and me. We both will face our end one day. Thinking about it, I wonder how would I end. One might say that “death” is the end of all living beings. However, I beg to differ. My imagination runs wild. It tells me I will not die. In fact, I will have a fascinating end. Just like the last chapter of every end. It leaves a reader with a feeling of fascination for the book.

Yes, my end will be like the last chapter of a book. Here again, I am not going to make a reference to good or bad book. No book is good or bad. It is the reader whose perception is good or bad. Well, I have started to drift from the subject again.

So coming back to the point, yes. I feel my end will be like the last chapter of a book.

The book will be a thriller? A romantic? A comedy of errors? A tragedy?? Or a mix of all? I don’t know.

But it certainly will be an interesting read. And will contain all the nautanki (drama!).

As of now, I shall like to think, that the last chapter of my book will end- “And then she withstood the storm… then she learnt to cope…




Then it was her to time to bid adieu…

I have a friend. A learned and an old hand. And this post is specially dedicated to him..

It was a bright sunny day outside,

A cool soothing wind blew there..

She could see the charming yellow fields out of a window pane, a scarecrow standing tall and doing its work just fine…

The birds seemed to be out of the zone, wandering high in the skies up..

All seemed just so perfect and wonderful..

But sometimes, things are not what they look

That’s why they say never judge by the cover of a book…

She was not happy and she looked stoned..

“He cheated me, he hurt me,” she cried, but in vain,

for nobody could feel her pain…

She looked terrible and looked at her phone which did not ring anymore…

It scared her as it did not buzz with a message anymore…

All those good morning and good night messages seemed distant now..

It was killing her inside, while she tried to shine outside..

The water in her eyes could not cover up her wounds.. she whined and pined again and again..

She waited for him to come flying out from somewhere and just hold her by hands..

But he will not, kept on telling her mind..

Finally, ready to wither away.. she cocooned in her self..

All this while, he looked at her and kept on smiling… Hoping that she would know how much he loved her…

His love for her was not to be kept for, but to be forsaken..

For his love was like the flowing river.. the one which nourished when left free and stinked when kept in a jar in the dark bat caves…

An atheist by heart, he closed his eyes and prayed one last time for her well-being…

“Oh, god if you exists- tell her my love.. tell her that she will grow with more with my absence and my presence would stagnate her…..”

And then the sun set….

While in the east, the sun rose…

The girl then woke up from her slumber… “I realize it now,” she said. “You are a terrible human being,” she howled.

“I won’t give it my all. I have had my fall. I will no more wait for you or anybody else. I will go on ahead with the  time. You are no more mine. But I will be careful, my heart will bare no more..”

With this, she took the dried flowers and threw them out…  She walked on the beds of thorns and grew just strong…

As the times passed by, her horizons grew.. on the roads she traversed thereon… Her hair grew grey… and then she met another guy who flew..

This time she looked towards west…

The sun was setting again, suddenly it flashed against her…

She realized… she realized why ‘he’ withdrew..

She thought to herself, at the end of the universe, he stood smiling. He winced in pain and thought to himself, “she wont long for me, when I am gone. Adios my girl.”

She looked again at the young lad with a want in his eyes, the pain which he could not withheld..

She smiled at the end of the world and then..

It was her time to bid adieu……


Image Courtesy: Girish Mokashi


No more holding back… I am going to decorate the world with my smile….

Hmm, so finally I sit to write that one blog that I promised Sri (@Srinistuff) that I would definitely write, no matter what.So where do I begin? Tough one. I love to write, but when I sit with a determination to write, my mind just wanders, not allowing me to concentrate. But try I will, kyuki wada wala promise hai 😉

Cut to 8th November 2012: It was my birthday. I was now 24. My backpack was getting ready to set onto an awesome journey (did not proclaim it as yet). The time started racing and I was racing against the time. Though my bag was yet to be ready, I had already reached our destination- ‘Hampi’- the land of ruins.”


So, it seemed exciting as it was my first very trip to somewhere, but with friends. Incidentally, I had been to Hampi with family. So more than the place, I was excited at the opportunity to wander and explore with my friends. I was about to do something, that I would have never ever done otherwise.

The next few hours just went into anxiety and anticipation.

Cut to 09 November, 2012- Around 9 PM at the given bus point I stood waiting. I was waiting for the bus to come and just make me disappear for a few days from all the chaos of mind and of the skies, beneath which I walked. And so it did- Udi Bhai (Uday) walked upto. I had just met my first travel partner 🙂 Hurray!

After a few minutes of waiting, the bus came. As expected Sri stood at the entrance of the bus.. all geared up to welcome us. I was so excited, I did not even Hi5 him. 😐

And then began the journey… the journey within. As I said, I had visited Hampi before, I was not really expecting a lot out of the trip or the place. I was more excited about something else. Something, I can’t define.

And then the bus started. It was the usual- conversations, introducing each other, watching a stupid movie in the bus, the questions, the scary stories, the funny jokes.

At last, it was morning. We had subahwali chai.. and then we were 25 minutes ahead of the desired destination.. Ugh @Srinistuff.. You!  But we enjoyed enjoyed that.

To walk ahead, we had to walk back.. and thus began our explorations:




And after all that drama, we landed at Gowri Hampi Guest House. Wow.. it was like a real village setting. Grand boulders on all the sides, green paddy fields, huge jhulas, tress, open-skies. Somethings just can’t be defined. Let the pictures say those 1000 words.



And then wandering into the heart of ruins.. the echoes all over….

It was here, that once upon a time- the kings ruled.. the queens wronged and winced in pain, the emperors lusted and warred.. .. some were thwarted and were left to pay for their sins… the court saw loyal soldiers come and go, while the subjects rejoiced.. Tears, sorrows, greed and the joys… Nothing remains now.. but just ruins- small and few.. they remain to tell a story, the magnificence of life. They remain to tie me with you, to show us that in the end, it will all be gone.. The ‘ruins’ remain as magnificent as strong.. to sing songs old and new… to tell that this is life..and that in the end.. lies the ‘new’….. “Hampi”

The realization, that “ruin” is the road to transformation..

Ruin is a gift… and then I looked around.. I thought on to myself- “Would the people who walked this earth, who walked this land, who lived this grandeur ever had imagined that this place would one day lie in ‘ruins’. That it would be such a quite and lonely place. A place where you would be alone, but not a loner. That you and I would walk the roads with solitude?

The ruins have outgrown time. They have stood tall witnessing all the shame, violence and neglect that our educated minds created.  Beaming in the wisdom of the ancient kingdoms, with the sun, moon, shining stars, expansive sky and never-ending river, they have endured all the pains and all the wounds and heart-break without letting it go.”

Have you ever held on to a wound, a pain, an ache, a tear? Just because it hurts too much.. and it hurts too good.

Upon retrospection, I questioned myself- ” We all are so afraid of change. Change which is the only constant. We are afraid of this change fearing, our world would crumble to ruins. Then I looked at my self, I felt my heart and suddenly it dawned upon me. The heart has seen it all. The heart knows it all. It endures all the pain, tears, failures, hurt and the chaos that the mind creates. The heart is quick to adapt, burn, change, pillage and always finds a way to build itself back. It’s not the mind. But the games that our little mind plays on us. We act timid. And then I squeaked

“No more holding back. I am going to give it all back. That I am going to decorate the world with my smile.”