Then it was her to time to bid adieu…

I have a friend. A learned and an old hand. And this post is specially dedicated to him..

It was a bright sunny day outside,

A cool soothing wind blew there..

She could see the charming yellow fields out of a window pane, a scarecrow standing tall and doing its work just fine…

The birds seemed to be out of the zone, wandering high in the skies up..

All seemed just so perfect and wonderful..

But sometimes, things are not what they look

That’s why they say never judge by the cover of a book…

She was not happy and she looked stoned..

“He cheated me, he hurt me,” she cried, but in vain,

for nobody could feel her pain…

She looked terrible and looked at her phone which did not ring anymore…

It scared her as it did not buzz with a message anymore…

All those good morning and good night messages seemed distant now..

It was killing her inside, while she tried to shine outside..

The water in her eyes could not cover up her wounds.. she whined and pined again and again..

She waited for him to come flying out from somewhere and just hold her by hands..

But he will not, kept on telling her mind..

Finally, ready to wither away.. she cocooned in her self..

All this while, he looked at her and kept on smiling… Hoping that she would know how much he loved her…

His love for her was not to be kept for, but to be forsaken..

For his love was like the flowing river.. the one which nourished when left free and stinked when kept in a jar in the dark bat caves…

An atheist by heart, he closed his eyes and prayed one last time for her well-being…

“Oh, god if you exists- tell her my love.. tell her that she will grow with more with my absence and my presence would stagnate her…..”

And then the sun set….

While in the east, the sun rose…

The girl then woke up from her slumber… “I realize it now,” she said. “You are a terrible human being,” she howled.

“I won’t give it my all. I have had my fall. I will no more wait for you or anybody else. I will go on ahead with the  time. You are no more mine. But I will be careful, my heart will bare no more..”

With this, she took the dried flowers and threw them out…  She walked on the beds of thorns and grew just strong…

As the times passed by, her horizons grew.. on the roads she traversed thereon… Her hair grew grey… and then she met another guy who flew..

This time she looked towards west…

The sun was setting again, suddenly it flashed against her…

She realized… she realized why ‘he’ withdrew..

She thought to herself, at the end of the universe, he stood smiling. He winced in pain and thought to himself, “she wont long for me, when I am gone. Adios my girl.”

She looked again at the young lad with a want in his eyes, the pain which he could not withheld..

She smiled at the end of the world and then..

It was her time to bid adieu……


Image Courtesy: Girish Mokashi

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