2012- The year, why I will remember

I know, this is comes in a bit late. But then again, I don’t do things as people do. Do I? 😉

2012 has been a very memorable year in the sense. The entire year so as to say- has given me memories. Most of them good memories!

A lot of changes, lot of experiences, lot of emotions, lots of experimentation. On my way to 2013- I also met a lot of new people. Well this post is not about people but experiences. And again, I never write of people, I only write of experiences and emotions beneath them.

I have a superstition. Whenever, I write of people and their names in my diary or on any paper, I end up losing them. So I don’t write about people. This year, I met people, whom I don’t want to lose any time soon. Well, again some people will fade away into the waters of the time. However, I will stick to my usual ritual and tell you about my experiences.

  1. Year begins with a joy and a loss: The year began with a loss of loved one and the joy for my best friend as she figured out she’s getting married. I threw a not-so surprise bridal shower for my bestie- Krutika Bhaskaran. The theme was fairy-tale. And we were dressed as princess, queen, king, Prince, pirate, witch, etc.

543659_10151005136674358_1770037776_n 545610_10151005130119358_1683260159_n 578147_10151005131549358_964686985_n 578802_10151005130819358_137842885_n

As the proverbial sequence took a toll on me, I realized that indeed we realize the importance of a person, only once they are gone forever. April 01, 2012- I lost my aunt. What seemed as a pathetic April fool’s joke, slowly seeped into me as the realization dawned- She’s has gone. Yes, I will never ever meet again. I always thought, she wasn’t so close to me. But I cried. I cried a lot that day. She was my dad’s real sister. I saw he did not cry, so may be I wept. But I could see the pain in dad’s eyes. The universe works in a strange way indeed. I can’t explain the emotions.


2. Desi girl looks eastward– Yes! It was my parents’s 25th marriage anniversary. I had all big things planned for them. Mostly a surprise party. However, since the news of my aunt’s sudden death broke out just 18 days before, nothing much could be done. However, my parents gave us- my brother and me- we looked eastward- Yes! It was my first chance to taste the foreign waters. Horray! Hurray! :D.  We went to Singapore-Malaysia – Thailand. Hell of a journey! I did things, which otherwise I would have never done. Yeah, apart from losing my expensive sunglasses, losing a few bags here and there and most importantly losing my photographs 😦  {Yes, these are the given} I did things, which I would never imagine.

I saw great buildings, great people, different cities- Singapore, Kuala Lampur, Bangkok and Pattaya (It’s pronounced as pa tti yaa). I learnt a few words of Malay. Susu means milk. And in India it means- Urine. Yikes

Better infrastructure, clean roads, huge transport facilities, designer buildings, fresh air, cultural differences, Thai food (Yucks- the smell was yikes. I am a pure vegetarian-by choice off course)

I saw the Sea-lion at Singapore, Genting Highlands (I took those scary rides), I saw KL Towers in Malayasia, I did para-sailing and sea-walking on the waters of Thailand. So much, so fun!

So what did I see and learn?? Let these pictures tell you these:

parasailing_gliding_nha_trang1649694735911_10151156138709358_1120727589_n198270_10151178652644358_948206553_n 270944_10151178661414358_1698489876_n 317907_10151155977884358_1604733414_n 542367_10151156139779358_93689957_n 554482_10151156164914358_1798041438_n 560376_10151178662969358_9137634_n 560664_10151178663839358_1423404713_n 576780_10151156149184358_1004608472_n

3. My best friend’s wedding: Yeah man, after the trip, it was time for my best friend’s wedding day.

182548_10151223050834358_43060805_n 538618_10151213383619358_448310839_n 251824_10151251046974358_172771170_n 270985_10151223050364358_1767275063_n 545152_10151213384094358_1341916612_n 600411_10151251042329358_758778081_n 406038_10151251045559358_1654386786_n

There are so many things that happened. I went to Hampi, about which I told you earlier. I was promoted as a Senior Account Executive at Text100 and as I said I met a few people- who I better not name 😛

So much for the year- I have included in this post, the incidents which were a major turn in my life. Not to forget, there are many others which stand to change my life forever.

This year, therefore, would defintiely be the biggest and most loved year.

Cheers to 2012.

And waiting in anticipation of things to come in 2013.

Signing off

Deepika (@Miss_nautanki)

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