When do you send press releases for an upcoming event and how often?

Answer by Deepika Gumaste:

There are two types of releases. Pre event and post event. You can send out two releases with respect to an event. However, it depends on the kind of event. To give you an example: My team  recently worked on two projects. A leading mobile handset maker had to launch a new product. As there was not much information that could go in the pre-event release (If information is put in pre-event release, there will be nothing to say at the launch event!), therefore, we issue a post event release detailing what happened at the launch event- What was launched, the new mobile handset, its features, was there a brand ambassador, etc

For another client event- The brief was to announce the launch of national talent hunt property. For this event, we had about three releases. One was pre-event- announcing that the client is launching a national talent hunt competition. In the release, we also shared the details of brand ambassadors, various partnerships, marketing tie-ups and the gratification rewards for the winners of this hunt.

As the event was a national event and was divided into different rounds- Quarter finals, semi-finals, city heats, etc, we had the chance to localize our press releases depending upon the rounds.

Once, we had the final round wrapped up, we issued a post-event release which shared the information on the final winners of the talent hunt and details like how they won it, what did they do,which city they represented. etc.

Having said this, it completely depends on the client needs and you have to work and set expectations accordingly.

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