How much Public Relations has helped the startup achieve success?

Answer by Deepika Gumaste:

In PR or for that matter, any marketing function- it is important to understand one thing. If your product/service is not great, you’ll not sell. A mediocre company can survive in the short term. However, to sustain the business model for a long time, it is crucial that the product is good enough.

Having said that, one can argue that there are some very lukewarm brands who have made it big through news. One must then stop and observe such brands for a moment. These typical brands have been in existence for a long time.

As a start-up, you can’t expect to grab a headline in mainstream media. Business newspapers, for eg: ask for revenues, investments, finances, funding, etc, which a start-up perhaps can’t talk about.

Therefore, it is best recommended that you work in tandem with your PR consultancy to tap in what we call as the ‘trade media’ and online media. Online media is usually open to carry up news related to start-ups. Mostly, they carry all the news as they don’t face ‘space’ issues as their print counter-parts would.

In such scenarios, you must exploit online media to the hilt. In India, we also have many start-up based portals which caters to entrepreneurs and so on. Also, I am assuming FRM means Financial Risk management? Then there would be a couple of financial media- not business newspapers but magazines and websites which talk about the same. Reach out to them.

Once you have your first few success, establish presence on requisite social media channels and connect with the right TG. Again, don’t consider any tool in silos. All of these are pieces of a big puzzle called ‘ Brand communication.’

When used in right proportion and at the right times, you will be able to get results. And yes, be patient. Don’t expect your PR machinery to give you results in a day, month, 6 months or even in the first year. It’s an investment that builds-up and gives you a result over a period of time.

Hope this helps.

My $0.02


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