If we are born alone, and we die alone, why are there relationships in the world?


Deepika Gumaste’s answer to Dating and Relationships: If we are born alone, and we die alone, why are there relationships in the world? [ http://www.quora.com/Dating-and-Relationships-1/If-we-are-born-alone-and-we-die-alone-why-are-there-relationships-in-the-world/answer/Deepika-Gumaste ]

Answer by Deepika Gumaste:

When I saw this question.. I was euphoric. I wanted to see how many answers exist for this question. After landing on this page, I see just see 2 answers. Sigh. This question has popped way too many times. One of my friends, who has influenced me to quite a length.. always told me- “You are born alone, and you will die alone. All of us are alone on this world.” Sounds depressing. Right?

I wonder what made him say or think that? I have no clue. Sometimes, when I feel low, I have the same feeling. But then I also think, what is the point of being alone, when you are surrounded by so many human beings. Human beings who have same two eyes, one nose, one ear, one mouth, two legs and two hands. Sure, we all are different in our thinking, values, morals, attitude, aptitudes, etc. But that’s the fun right? Imagine, all of wearing same coloured and same pattern clothes. It would look so stupid and ugly no? Imagine we all eating same food, drinking the same water, living in same country.. It would have been so boring and pathetic.

We all are born alone and might die alone. But what’s the harm in having people, meeting different people. learning from their different ideas, experiencing different emotions like love, hatred, jealousy, affection, respect, etc with same people. That is what makes life fun. Right?

Someone said- ” A life spent doing mistakes is better than a life spent doing nothing.” I think I agree. Go out, meet people. Love, respect, eat , sing, travel and get hurt. It’s ok. You might feel the pain and joy now. But once you are gone, everything is gone. The moment is here. Right here, right now. Live it up!!


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