Why is indian media(traditional & digital) giving unnecessary importance to snapdeal, flipkart & smile group founders?

Answer by Deepika Gumaste:

Ok, I have read the question and all the comments that have been made over here. First- it is very unnerving to see that you have assumed that since these start-ups have PR agencies, they have it easy. I am a PR consultant myself and having worked on start-ups myself, let me assure you that not every start-up gets the due coverage or attention from the media.

For you to understand why the Indian media is giving "unnecessary importance" to Snapdeal or Flipkart, you need to understand the way the media works. If you look at the stories that appear, you will realize that the companies are funded.

In a start-up's life there are stages- incubation, scaling up and at last they either go public or are sold out. For the media, there is a way of looking at it- 'What is the human element to it.' The human element can be of two ways-  Either there is a heroic story behind that start-up or the company is supported by money (loads or lack of it) that will impact people associated with it on a large scale.

While, it is true that the product itself is important to sustain- the media is also interested to know about the funding it receives, the kind of customer services they have, their revenues and margins, their profits and large popularity.

And yes, don't think- that the big daddies of the start-up always have it better. You should read the Forbes article that bashed out Flipkart left, right and center.

Can Flipkart Deliver?

There is a pattern as to how the media covers these companies. And yes, start-ups with venture capital backing will always be a big hit with the media. At the end of the day, where there is money, there is business 🙂

But this shouldn't deter you from talking about your start-up. Every company has a story to tell. May be your product is so strong that you don't need to talk about funding. May be your start-up is  a great workplace. So go and show it off. It takes great PR skills to figure out your company's story (with or without the funding) and get the media to talk about you.

My $0.02


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