Things fall apart….

Yes, perhaps this is one of the most amazing parts of  a human life. Things do fall apart and everyone walks miles alone. At such times, you find a shade in books. Sometimes your hobbies quench your thirst. For some it is paintings, for some it is singing, for some it is travelling and for people like me- it is blogging. 

Damn it. Some people ask me– Why not keep a diary. Why blog? Why wash your dirty linen over the web. For some I respond, “It is none of your business.” To some my response is ” Whatever.” For me, with my lips tightened, I talk to myself.  This offers me an opportunity to blast my emotions knowing that even if people important to me don’t read it, it offers me a solace that someone unknown is perhaps reading it and emphatize with me.Even if they don’t who cares. You are reading my blog, shows that you care! So whatever! You read my blog. So better learn to get used to my cribs. 

Ahoy, do I appear rude? Yes, off course. But who cares? This is my blog and I will write what I want. You don’t like it? You leave my blog! Now! Awwww… angry? Why? Because I make a dig at you for reasons unknown to you? May be I am removing someone else’s anger and frustration on you? Now relax, take a deep breathe and think- Is there someone who is taking out their pent frustration of you on someone else? Are you being judgmental? Will you ever know, what I write, what I think and why? No, you will never, until you walk in my shoes. So, stop being judgmental. Stop reading too much into people. Everyone is fighting a battle of their own. You are happy with whatever you have? Good! Stop expecting the same out of people. Perhaps, people have different goals! Stop judging them. You have no beauty and you are happy? Fine! Don’t expect the same out of me. You are caring and I am not? Don’t expect the same out of me. You don’t have money and are still happy? Good for you. Don’t expect the same out of me. Yes, we share the same sky and earth. But that necessarily doesn’t mean we share the same horizons.

So stop judging me. Otherwise don’t cry when things fall apart…..

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