The world of stories

Yes, this blog post is dedicated to my blog. How lame! Right? No! I have been off the grid for some days now. I was thinking of what should I write on the blog, when suddenly, my eyes hit upon the name of my blog. Yes. And that’s how the idea came!

Why not write a blog on why I named my blog- “The world of stories.”  We all are human beings correct? I would beg to differ! We all are stories, is what I feel. Each one of you reading this blog, have your own stories and the you are the protagonist of your story.

All other people in it- your friends, sisters, cousins, mom, dad and all your extended family is the supporting cast of your story. You are the center of the story. You are the hero/heroine and all others are there to witness your story unfold- good or bad, happy or sad- doesn’t matter.

A story is never good or bad. It is just that. A story!

My fascination with stories has been since forever. While most consider it a valuable form of entertainment- for me, a story is one that  strikes a cord with one’s emotions. And the beauty of it is in the fact that not everyone would feel the same emotion.

Your story just like any other story would make some one happy, sad, angry. It could bore some people. Then again that is the beauty right. Not everyone likes the story. Some may not like it just for the fact that the protagonist did not behave in a way that people want him to. (Remember, even if it is your story and you are the protagonist, in a story, everyone wants to be a lead character and therefore, everyone wants the story to unfold as they want!)

Well the news is- It doesn’t unfold as everyone wants it to. It will also not unfold as you want it to.

If everything goes as you want it to.. be ensured that… it is going that way just because the story has to fulfill its own aim- “Teach you.”

And teach it will…. because learning is what makes us human…..

ImageNo wonder kids are usually always successful in what ever they do. That is because they believe in stories.. and that is what makes them human.

Have you forgotten to believe in stories??

P.S – Ducklings are someone’s kids. Kids are purest form of innocence. And they are always dancing, no matter what emotion they go through. So be a dancing duckling.