Wedding or stress?

You read the title..? You got it right and you read it right now. More than being happy, I am fuming right now. To the extent, that I am cursing myself for taking probably this “best decision” of my life. I truly believe that I have found a person who I can love and expect  love in return. But this best decision of my life is turning out to be the worst stress of my life.

Weddings are supposed to be full of fun, grandeur, happiness and joy. And especially if you are looking at an Indian wedding, everything turns out to be 2 X of the adjectives I mentioned.  But what most of the times goes unnoticed is the stress it brings to the wedding birds. In my case, I would like to stick to myself because I am being driven nuts.- Reason- ego clashes, hatred and chaos and all thanks to stupid customs in the Indian society. People are fighting because they want to gift “materials” and my mom is asking for cash presents. And I am against any gifts – cash or kind. 

My aunties are fighting because they want to  wear “nine-yard” sarees, but my mom asks them not to as the bride’s mom wont look any different from others. They fight because the bride can’t do the make up during the saat pheras as it is an early morning wedding. They fight because they can’t decide who will be the ‘bridesmaid.’ They fight because the bride wants to decide on her own mehndi design, her own wedding card, her trousseau colour, etc.

Right now, I am feeling like I am not getting married but in some kind of a sale, where everybody else decides what the bride or groom needs to do. Bride’s mother tells her – where to go for honeymoon, why to go, when to go, who should spend the kharcha and all.

For god’s sake- We are getting married. We are not kids. Can’t you understand this simply? We understand that it’s a big day to you. But it’s a big event in our lives too. Why do parents especially Indian parents simply don’t understand this?

Tired of my rants myself, I just have one simple thing to say to myself….

Dear Deepika- Que Sera Sera…..