Last two months of my life…..

September 01, 2012– This is the date I will never forget. It was pouring outside my office in Nariman Point. Everyone was stuck in the office. It was raining so heavily ( a very peculiar Mumbai trait) that all the train and bus services had started to stall. I was keen to go home nevertheless. Perhaps, I had never been so keen to go so early.  I went downstairs and barked at a cab. I said- “Will you come to Bandra?” That’s it. That was the MOMENT. I had moved ALONE to Bandra from my house in Navi-Mumbai.

I attribute this change partially to the long -traveling time it took for me to reach my work from New-Bombay. But the major reason was- I wanted to experience the “FREEDOM” the self-reliance and the independence in being away from my parents. Well, looking back, today it’s 9 months and I am yet to figure out if I am actually happy having moved away from my parents. One of the major reasons- behind me moving away from house is also this “influence” which I refuse to name. Off course, intelligent and “close-enough to me” people would know about who I am talking about. Well, I am also yet to figure out if this influence was good or bad. May be, I am refusing to acknowledge it as well. May be sometimes ignorance is a bliss!

Anyway, this was a big decision for me. I was apprehensive about moving to the new place. Am I committing  a mistake?  What if something happens to me? What if I was murdered? What if something happened to me? What if I went broke? What if I did something foolish? Am I actually separating my parents from myself forever? What? How will I do it? I am not used to doing my own work? Who will help me? Mom was unhappy, she thought I was trying to break ties with the family. May be she thought, I was a lesbian, or may be I had some affair! Ahem. May be I was planning to run! Oh Gosh! Then I thought, I am going to be independent. If nothing, I will just get closer to my parents. May be I will realize the importance and value of a ‘family.’ Oh and what about the convenience? I will be staying very close to work. Fast trains will be available. I will be able to go to pubs, clubs, movies, stay out and maro night-outs. But again, am I a party animal? Blah blah went my mind.

Anyway, cut to present, today is May 21, 2013. 9 months and some days after I moved out of my house. As, I write this blog, let me tell you- May be I have experienced life a bit. I have explored some parts of Bandra on my own. Some with my friends. Some with Srini ( yeah, my fiance and another reason to move back to Kharghar. I am getting married, so I need to move in with parents and spend ‘some’ time at least, before I leave forever. Sigh). Yeah, so coming back- I frequented pubs, some clubs, drank a lot and ate a lot of junk and outside food. Result- ever growing paunch! Damn! Does it matter. Nah, but still.

So, yeah I will be moving to Kharghar may be in the next two months and may be this was the duration of “MY life.” May be after this, I will never be able to maro night-outs, frequent pubs and drink to my heart’s contentment. Yeah, yeah, my life will not change after marriage. People are not that bad.. Ya right. Everyone is the same, until proven otherwise.

Anyway, I am not sad. I am just  feeling a bit low may be. But what the heck.



My new found love- I call it the ‘G-love’

My new found love:

Let me start and be honest. I am a brat. A complete spoilt brat.  I am the eldest daughter in my family and being the ‘first kid’ of the family, I always have behaved like I am the queen of the world and the world is at  my disposal. I have been pampered a lot and to an extent I have also behaved like a bully and taken  advantage of the love showered on me. I say that, because I never do any work. It is always mum, dad or my brother Aditya, who do work. Any work, be it for the family or me.

I have never done any work, honestly. Whatever little I used to do was because someone asked me. Otherwise, I have never done anything.

But as they say- the only constant in life is change.  There came a day I decided to move out of my house. Not because I was bored or rebelled. Not even because I was bored of my family or people around me or so.  But most of it, I was ‘scared’ and I had decided to do away with all my fears. Perhaps I was also bored of the status quo. Of the routine life. And in general, life. I thought I was not getting enough experiences. I was not being inspired. I was not being hurt enough, so that I could learn and shape into  a better human being.

In short, I was not living, I was just living.  Frankly speaking, as I write this post, I am still scared that something untoward will happen. But I guess, that makes the ‘living’ more interesting.

On another note, I don’t exactly remember the date, when I started thinking of moving out. But I remember the date, when I exactly moved to Bandra. Yes, I used to stay in this place called in Navi-Mumbai- Kharghar. And now I am a Bandroid girl 🙂

Sandra chali Bandra… Na… Dips chali Bandra types 😉

Cut to the point, yeah so in coming years, I know that I am going to revere September 03, 2012 in a way no other day would hold importance.

Good or bad, whatever, it is this day will mark of whatever I become. Whatever I will be.

So coming back to my love- I found my love just a week after September 03, 2012. I guess must be September 10, 2012.  I was at home. Alone. My roommate had yet not come. She was working late.

I was hungry and I was bored. Plain bored. To get rid of boredom, I decided to move out of the house and chill.

I went downstairs and right out of my society, I met my new found love. The love that always sat there, but I never really bothered to look at. A love that always existed in my life, but I hardly bothered to look at it and touch it. All my life, I had left the love of my life to my dad.

What is the suspense. Who is the new found love of my life??

Let me just finish the suspense. See below 🙂

Yes! This packet is my love. I met grocery shops that day.  Previously, I used to meet them may be on a yearly basis. However, since the time I have moved I have fallen in love with groceries. I make it a point to go and buy groceries  every second day. When I am not buying it, I just walk up downstairs and look at it.

I walk the path and look- there are vegetables all around- Small, big, leafy, some with roots, green, blue, yellow, red, silver, purple, orange and all sorts of them. Then there are fruits, there are soap items, there are beverages, food items of any and every taste.

I don’t know what has gotten into it. A work which I thought is so mundane, has suddenly become so interesting.

Yes, I am in love. I am in love with buying groceries.

I can’t exactly finger point it out why. I become angry, if my room mate suggests that she would go shopping. I sulk actually. And I think she knows it 😉

So she stays away from it as much as possible. Yay! Hurray! 🙂 \m/

Anyway, I don’t know if it is a sense of freedom – that “I can chose what I want to eat” or a sense of responsibility- “I have to take care of myself, now that mommy daddy are not there, or a sense of being human- “There is only my room mate for me now and I have to take care of her also.” 🙂

I don’t know what it is- But I am loving it. And I am going to love my grocery routine for a long time to come now……

A reason to live- The G-love……

Disclaimer: I don’t know, If I will love this for all my life, but as of now I am doing it and loving it too..