Why is AR before PR only in the dictionary?

Answer by Deepika Gumaste:

I have no clue where this question comes from. I work at a global technology communications firm- Text100 and we manage AR as well as PR for our clients. Off course, the major consideration, is also sometimes, the client requirements and restraints like budget. I have two points to share:

We need to understand that the agency itself is a business. Therefore, when we think of AR a whole lot of considerations go into thought- Do we have the budgets, do we have the resources (mind it, AR requires a lot of concentrated efforts) and off course how it will help my clients.

In case, the answers to all these questions are in affirmation, then offcourse, we go ahead with AR.

I can’t really comment about other markets, however having worked in India, I can assure you that for many clients- AR forms an integral part of the communications plan. We therefore, arrange many interactions and create opportunities wherein the client can interact with the analysts. Once, the initial contact is established, I have had so many analysts connecting with me for my client inputs on some industry reports that they might produce.

Also, analysts are very important as they produce forecasts,  that could be used to be shared with the media (taking care of media relations.)

Also, participating in these reports help us highlight the ‘thought-leadership’ position in the market. So yes, AR is definitely considered an important part of the 360 communique plan.

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