PRAXIS 2013- Why I am excited to be there….!!

My latest blog post after a real long hiatus. What could be more fortunate than getting back to the field with none other than #PRAXIS2013.

PRAXIS is India’s finest and first weekend summit for the public relations and corporate communications professionals. In fact, I would safely assume that PRAXIS is the only serious summit for communications in India. Don’t believe me? Meh, talk to Twitter India. Their website almost came crashing this time around, last year. Thanks to this networking site, I did not miss attending it’s first edition. I mentioned the same to Amith Prabhu (one of my biggest mentors- Well I can say that from whatever I know of him. He flew down to India just for voting in his constituency! *Bows down*). Post that, almost for a year he ensured that he reminded me to save money for PRAXIS2013 edition and block a berth for myself. Well, I did it  this time *proudly rolls eyes*. I am on my way PRAXIS 2013 at Lavasa. Yay!

So what is so exciting about PRAXIS 2013, that makes me so excited?? Here are few things:

1. First weekend summit: Whoever came up with this idea- Brilliant! Most of the summits are either on weekdays. So, if you are working, you are either dead, juggling between work and the event. Well, PRAXIS makes an exception! 🙂

2. For PR, By PR and Of PR: One of the finest summits organized by communication professionals. No matter, how young you are! If you are passionate about communications, you are welcomed here to contribute in any little way you can! Encouraging for freshers! Most importantly, the work done is out of free-will and good-will.

3. Work, Networking and Entertainment: Unlike some of the summits organized in the country, this one stands for work, making merry and lots of networking. In fact, I have formed some formidable partnerships and friendships  just by following their hashtag last year.

4. Top class execution: Well, it might be too early to say. But what the heck. Even in its first edition PRAXIS seemed to be executed very well. Brilliant venue, world-class speakers, great entertainment and value addition to the profession. You name it and PRAXIS has it.

If I start penning down more thoughts on why I want to attend PRAXIS, I guess there would be no end and you might get bored reading. 😐

Better come there and experience it for yourself? What say folks??

PRAXIS2013—- I am coming!! 🙂

For more details on the summit visit: http://www.praxis2013.in/