How do I get an opinion or guest post on leading business publications?

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Answer by Deepika Gumaste:

Dreaded question for every PR consultant. I appreciate your enthusiasm for creating a buzz around your start-up and your work. It feels great when people take a note of your work. And therefore, it is imperative that our efforts be directed towards that.

However, having worked with the media and start-ups myself, let me assure you that this is going to be a task. Unless offcourse you are Bill-Gates and having built Microsoft and now are launching a fresh new start-up. Or then, you are really innovative and providing a service/product that will save people of the world in someway.

Contrary to what all of us would like to think- Media is a very tricky animal. Looking at the kind of magazines you have named- BI/Forbes/Newsweek, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that all of these are “Business Magazines.” Every media looks at things differently. While the mainstream media like TOI, HT look at featurish or news based stories and articles, business media like The Economic Times, Forbes look at stories which are numbers- driven. Before you even share an article with them- they would like to know your company’s revenues, funding, management, turnover, etc.

Since, you are a start-up, I am  assuming, sharing this kind of data is difficult. In that case, I am assuming you are some established face in the business. And my this I mean- either you are a Mark Zuckerberg (whom the entire world knows) or at least a Dirubhai Ambani (with whom most of the Indians would have shares).

Unless it is one of this case, managing an article in business media is tough. Then what to do? Will we just sit, doing nothing? NO.

My recommendation to you would be- target media specific to your audience/customer. Are you a mobile-start up? Then look at magazines, websites and columns in newspapers which talk about this. Are you a SME focused start-up? Then look at SME focused magazines and columns in the mainstream media. For eg- In The Economic Times and The Hindu Business Line, there are columns which specifically talk about SMEs. In ET, there is a page called ‘Technology.’ Try writing for them.

You may ask- why do I waste my energies in targeting small places. Well my friend, that is the trick. If you are not a Zuckerberg, you will have to start small. Write for media which focus on your vertical. Build your profile. Share thoughts on the articles written by them. Meet those journalist. Congratulate them on their great stories. If you don’t agree with some of their stories, comment on them.

Your PR machinery, team, firm can only help you identify these opportunities. But as the owner of the company, the work will have to be done by you. Tweet to these journalists on their work, go out and meet them. Also, when they agree to take your articles, don’t just talk about your start-up. Give them a larger industry picture. If your start-up makes mobile apps, don’t just talk about that. Talk about mobile penetration globally, then in your country, what are the trends, changes to be watched out for and then how it contributes to the growth of mobile apps.

Be out there. Be seen, be heard. Connect. Truly become the thought-leader of your business. And then Forbes and Newsweek, will come to value your inputs truly.

Hope this helps.

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