Being a teacher in somebody else’s class

Well, hello! Do not go by the headline. Let me tell you, I am not a teacher and I did not teach. What I am about to tell you is that I recently had an opportunity to be a guest lecturer (for the lack of a better word. Oh come on, you know those types, who visit you  in your college days just once to share their experiences and then disappear for life.)

Anyways, the point being I went as a guest lecturer to none other than K.C. College Mumbai. The college where my tryst with  Mass Media actually began. Yes, I gave my first entrance test exam for BMM at KC. 🙂

So, the point being, it was a boring dull evening at work. When I spoke to Ashish {Ashish Arora, the man who hired me at Text100 😉 } asked me over g-chat, if I would want to come and join him for his PR lecture at KC College. At first, I was a bit alarmed. Then nervous and then scared to death. It had just been a while that I had stopped yawning my professor’s boring life-changing lectures, that I was now again asked to step in a class room. And this time, the joke was on me. I was going to talk to a bunch of 20-23 year old  kids, who would be looking at ceilings, putting nail-polish, BBMing friends “Kya paka rahai hai yeh”. LOL. Assuming, this is what we all did! 😉

But Ashish persisted. He said it will be a nice experience. Considering, that Ashish had asked me to come to his lecture before also, I thought, I better join him this time. And then he had also just uttered those words “Experience”. At this stage of my life, I am willing to experiment.I want to drink, eat, sleep, talk, walk and sleep experiences. I want to know everything, anything.

So, I hopped on Ashish’s scooty and wooop we went. Reached KC college just to find a class of less than 10 people. I was in a trance. This used to be attendance during our times too 😉

After stepping into the class, what happened next is a big mystery to me. I blabbered. I blabbered for close to 2 hours! Phew… and I spoke..

To put it in Ashish’s words, I spoke as I had lost it! (Mentally, off course!). I spoke about PR, press releases, about doing random shit, difficult and shitty clients, tough and sweet colleagues, howling, scowling and loving media, huge media lists which are the only dope in a PR consultant’s life, etc etc.

Woah! I had stepped in, thinking- “Just 3 years of experience I have in PR. What will I tell them, what will they learn?”

Well, I don’t know if those kids (Look, I am suddenly very old now ;)) learnt or not, but I did. I learnt about my own body language, my own diction, pronunciations, my own experiences, how I reacted at them, my challenges, how I overcame them, my  pressures, my wins and my loses.

In retrospection, I felt, probably I could have been doing something else. May be, if there was not a tough colleague, who gave me a tough time, I wouldn’t have understood what perfection is all about. If I wouldn’t have worked hard, when I was left alone to, may be I wouldn’t have been the easiest choice for Ashish to invite to give a gyan session to his students….

May be…. And that’s when I realized… Whatever happens, happens for good. So Adios Amigos. You never know which one will be your last. So, learn, teach and breathe, whenever you can!