A day in a life of PR consultant

A recent study suggests that PR or ‘Public Relations’ is one of the most stressful and caffeinated job in the world. Off course, look at the things that a PR consultant has to undertake.

I have had many newbies, hoping to turn awesome consultants one day ask me this question- What does a  PR adviser do in a any given day. Most importantly, when I return home late, everyday, my mother throws a question at me.  ” What the hell, do you do everyday.”
So, I thought of writing this blog, talking about how any single given day looks for a PR consultant. Beginning every morning is the ritual of catching a local train to reach your office. If you are  a part of the metro community, you can’t avoid this journey. Once you have made this journey and you reach home, this is how your day will pan-out.

  1. Tracking: Yes, you have to track news and newspapers. You scan and skim all available newspapers. Of these, 5 will be business newspapers, 5 will be mainline newspapers and others will be some regional newspapers. Once you are done with these, co-ordinate with your TV news tracking vendor to check for any client/industry news that might have appeared on any business channels.
  2. DCR/Coverage Report: Once the ritual of tracking news is over, you should go and share the news wit your client. This report goes out through your e-mail boxes in a format specified by the client. Each client follows a different format!
  3. Media Lists: Once, you are done sharing the daily news update, you begin to worship your lord! Yes, the bread and butter of your life. You must create, filter, update your media lists. Each day, you’ll hear of journalists leaving their publications and joining other publications. You need to know of these ‘media movements.’
  4. Media Pitching: Once you have tracked your media properly and are aware of who writes on what, which journalist writes on what beat (sector), you’ll need to call the journalist and share information on your clients, explore story ideas, discuss industry trends.
  5. Reporting: It is fine to do your work. However, in PR it is equally essential to showcase your work to the client. A new PR consultant will have to work on daily, weekly and monthly reports showcasing the kind of opportunities created and leveraged for the clients.

Having said that, it is necessary to understand that every young PR consultant will ultimately climb the ladder. However, if you have observed, you’ll recognize that for a newbie, I really haven’t mentioned any consulting work. As a newbie, you are expected to execute the above said activities. Once, you have mastered your basics, time will be for full-time client servicing and consultancy.